Our Team

Meet the Team Behind Your Dream Honeymoon

Sarah Thompson – Founder & CEO

With a passion for both romance and adventure, Sarah founded Invest in Romance after a decade of working in the travel industry. She believes in creating unforgettable experiences for every couple and leads the team with enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the nuances of honeymoon planning.

Miguel Rodriguez – Head of Destination Research

Miguel brings over 15 years of experience in travel and tourism. His expertise lies in uncovering hidden gems and exclusive destinations that offer unique experiences for honeymooners. He’s the mastermind behind our diverse and enchanting destination portfolio.

Emily Chen – Lead Travel Consultant

Emily’s love for travel and helping others discover the world shines through in her role. She provides personalized consultation to couples, ensuring their honeymoon is not just a trip but a collection of treasured memories tailored to their preferences.

Jordan Smith – Marketing Director

Jordan’s creativity and keen sense of market trends have helped shape Invest in Romance into a recognizable and trusted brand in honeymoon planning. He’s responsible for our engaging marketing campaigns and maintaining our online presence.

Aisha Patel – Customer Experience Manager

Aisha’s dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. She oversees our customer service team, ensuring that every interaction with Invest in Romance is pleasant, informative, and helpful. She’s the go-to person for ensuring a seamless honeymoon booking experience.

Carlos Garcia – IT & Web Development Lead

In today’s digital age, a smooth online experience is crucial. Carlos leads our IT team in developing and maintaining an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly website. His work is pivotal in making sure your online journey is as enjoyable as your honeymoon.

Vanessa Lee – Content Creator

Vanessa’s eloquent writing and vivid storytelling bring our destinations to life. She creates compelling content that inspires and informs couples as they navigate through the planning stages of their honeymoon.

Luke Johnson – Finance Manager

Luke ensures that the business runs smoothly by managing our finances. His prudent financial planning and management are key to offering you the best value in your honeymoon packages.

Team of Travel Experts and Customer Support Specialists

Our dedicated team of travel experts and customer support specialists are the unsung heroes. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, attending to every detail of your honeymoon planning and ensuring your queries are answered promptly and efficiently.